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Benefits & Map | New York Helicopter Charters

Helicopter charters in NYC are an efficient and convenient way to travel without the usual hassles and delays experienced at the large area airports.

We are available anytime to assist you in designing the perfect charter plan for your business or leisure excursion while you are in the New York area.

Corporate Advantages

As companies diversify, executives find themselves visiting subsidiary offices, factories and plants to conduct business and stay ahead of the competition. Let one of our experienced helicopter pilots transport you from a downtown heliport near your office to wherever you need to be in New York. It’s a quick, easy, and efficient use of time.

Executive Advantages

You know that time is money, and idle time is money lost. Wasting time on a traffic-jammed highway is simply frustrating. Even with the proliferation of cell phones and video chatting, business is best done face-to-face. Helicopters get you there fast and safely, whisking you to your destination above the gridlock. What’s more, as national security issues and world terrorism dictates, more insurance companies and stockholders are requiring company executives to travel by chartered aircraft.

Leisure Advantages

In a US Department of Labor study, Americans are working more and playing less. Your personal time should be spent doing the things you enjoy… not spent on the road getting to where you want to go. To make the most of your leisure time in New York, let us fly you to your summer house, the casinos or your favorite sporting events. It’s fast, easy and leaves more time for fun and relaxation.

We operate from several New York area airports and heliports; if we aren’t at one near you, just give us a call and together we can work out the details 212-361-6060.

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